Where to buy?
Nearest points
    Marshala Batyts'koho St, 22, Kharkiv
    Zmiyivsʹka St, 61, Bezliudivka
    Hvardiitsiv-Shyronintsiv St, 15, Kharkiv
    Hvardiitsiv-Shyronintsiv St, 23, Kharkiv
    Kybal'chycha St, 21, Kharkiv
    Kyrhyzka St, 32, Kharkiv
    Zakhysnykiv Ukrainy Square, 1, Kharkiv
    Traktorobudivnykiv Ave, 71, Kharkiv
    Moskovs'kyi Ave, 256, Kharkiv
    Peremohy Ave, 50, Kharkiv
    Heroiv Stalinhradu Ave, 23А, Kharkiv
    Haharina Ave, 179, Kharkiv
    "Pushkinska" Subway station
    Traktorobudivnykiv Ave, 138, Kharkiv
    Pyskunivs'ka St, 33, Kharkiv
    ул. Котляра, 3, Харьков
    Shevchenka St, 301, Kharkiv
    Valdaiska St, 24, Kharkiv
    Zernova St, 6, Kharkiv
    Ivana Kamysheva St, 28/10, Kharkiv
    Iskrynska St, 31, Kharkiv
    Bezlyudivsʹka St, 5, Kharkiv
    Moskovs'kyi Ave, 274, Kharkiv
    Privokralniy shopping center, Derhachi
    Muhachova St, 15, Kharkiv
    Tiurinska St, 3, Kharkiv
    Losievska St, 1/6, Kharkiv
    Akademika Pavlova St, 323A, Kharkiv
    Poltavskyi Shliakh St, 147, Kharkiv
    Vladyslava Zubenka St, 27, Kharkiv
    Moskovs'kyi Ave, 144, Kharkiv
    Oleksandrivskyj Ave, 99, Kharkiv
    Sharykova St, 34, Kharkiv
About BMK

BMK is a meat processing plant with a soul! Employees put their love and soul into the technological process every day. production of meat products. The transport department delivers products to the store. Our salespeople will be happy to recommend products according to your wishes for a delicious breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

About BMK