European company
Modern equipment
BMK keeps up with the times for you! We train and implement European equipment for high-quality manufacturing of products. At the moment we use the equipment of German and Austrian manufacturers.
Best Recipes
Our technologists develop new recipes for meat products and also adhere to and preserve the classic recipes for meat products.
Quality products
BMK received the certificate of the International System of Quality and Safety of Foodstuffs HACCP. For us, this is an achievement and success in our quality work, which we have been following for years.
Large assortment
We produce more than 250 types of meat products for your taste wishes and whims, do not forget about the quality of products for children. Always with you! In the summer, on the grill, irreplaceable sausages and sausages, doctor's for breakfast, dumplings with potatoes for lunch, and dinner with delicious sausages for gastronomic pleasure.
WORK By certification iso 9001
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About BMK

BMK is a meat processing plant with a soul! Employees put their love and soul into the technological process every day. production of meat products. The transport department delivers products to the store. Our salespeople will be happy to recommend products according to your wishes for a delicious breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

About BMK